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#122 : La fête est finie

Adrianna et Navid annoncent à leurs amis leur plan pour le futur mais n'obtiennent pas les réactions escomptées...

Pour supporter leurs amis, Naomi, Annie et Silver, organisent pour Adrianna un enterrement de vie de jeune fille, alors que Dixon, Ethan et Liam surprennent Navid avec une soirée enterrement de vie de garçon avec des étudiantes, dans une boîte de nuit burlesque.

Maintenant que Jen, la grande de soeur de Naomi, est de retour en ville, elles décident de vivre ensemble et de se liguer contre leur père, afin qu'il débloque prématurément les fonds de Naomi, pour qu'elles puissent continuer à vivre dans le luxe.

D'autre part, Ryan et Jen se rapprochent en tombant l'un sur l'autre au Pitch Pit. Ils font connaissance mais des mensonges se mêlent à la discussion, qui débouche sur un rendez-vous au restaurant...


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Titre VO
The Party's Over

Titre VF
La fête est finie

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Réalisation : Melanie Mayron
Scénario : Jennifer Cecil

Guests :

Fabiana Udenio Atoosa Shirazi
Angela Gots (Ms. Casey
Jana Kramer Portia
Holly Gagnier Tante Nancy
Meagan Holder Becca
Marisa Lauren Plum
Abby Cooper Isabel
"Previously on" 90210: - When are you going back to school?|- I'm not.
I'm enrolling at St.
- I just need a fresh start.
|- You're the whore from the video.
You filmed us having sex,|and then showed it to everyone.
I was in that movie too.
|Only instead of hiding, I dealt with all the whispering|and all the looks.
You have to figure out|how to do that too.
What I feel is humiliated.
|I feel like I'm in hell.
Liam asked me out.
- What did you say?|- Nothing.
I just left.
Well, thank you for telling me.
|I appreciate it.
This is my sister.
This is Jen.
Here I am to rescue her|from bourgeois hell.
So Adrianna Tate-Duncan,|will you please marry me? Okay, okay.
So Navid and I, we have something to tell you guys.
Something I already know.
I'm not giving the baby up|for adoption.
- So you're keeping it?|- Wait for it.
We are, actually.
Navid and I,|we're gonna raise the baby together.
And we're getting married.
- What?|- Married? - Like "married" married?|- It's crazy, right? What? I'm not gonna sit here and pretend|that I think it's a good idea.
If you wanna keep the baby, fine.
|If you wanna help out, fine.
But married? Help me here.
You know,|it does seem a little drastic.
- We love each other.
|- Things change.
I mean, look at Annie and Ethan.
A couple months ago|they were all love, love, love, moon, moon, moon.
- Now they hardly talk to each other.
|- Naomi.
I'm sure it's fun playing house|in your bedroom and all.
Wait, wait, wait.
|That's where you guys are living? I know you love him, Ade, but you have your whole life|ahead of you.
Think of all the life events|you're gonna miss out on if you tie yourself down.
- There's college|- I'm still gonna go to college.
College parties, summer in Europe, or a love affair|with a tall unshaven Italian man who cooks you pasta puttanesca.
Look, it's not just Ade.
|Navid, you're gonna miss out too.
You know, I've never had a thing|for unshaven Italian men.
- Yeah, but|- And we love each other.
I think we can offer this kid|a great family.
Why not reconsidering adoption? I mean,|there's tons of people out there who can't have kids and are ready.
We're ready.
We are.
|And we're gonna be great parents.
- Hey, I'm done.
You done?|- Yeah, I am.
I'll see you guys later.
Navid, I didn't mean it.
- You okay?|- Yeah.
You? Yeah, totally.
- Yeah, me too.
I'm good.
|- Yeah, I'm really good.
Oh, yeah? Well, I am great.
Who needs friends or parents, right?|We don't need any support.
Are you okay? I'm not so great.
I'm just glad you wanted to see me.
And, you know,|I'm sorry I pushed you, you know,|to come clean at your school.
It's just really a hard situation.
Yeah, I know it is.
And I should have been|a lot more sensitive.
I mean, you've been through a lot.
So however long it takes you to be comfortable in public|or whatever, I'm cool with that.
- So you're fine just hanging out here?|- Yeah, totally.
I mean,|it's gonna make going to prom tough.
Maybe the prom committee|can move it here.
- That would be nice.
|- Dixon, I can't.
I can't go to prom.
I'm I can't deal|with West Beverly kids yet.
But you wanna go.
Now you're just making me|feel guilty.
I'm sorry.
I should have never even brought it up.
|It was stupid.
Hi, Father, thanks for coming.
Well, your e-mail|was rather insistent.
Martini please, dry, two olives.
So I assume you're here because the Wilsons|have had enough of your shenanigans.
I forgive you.
And, of course, you can come home.
|In fact, I need you to.
These are tough times for the family.
|We need to circle the wagons.
It's a tough time for you.
You're the|one who sexually harassed Portia's Allegedly.
I'm a family man, Naomi.
|I value family, morals, clean living.
- What the hell?|- Don't blaspheme, Naomi.
- Jen, you're home?|- Sorry I haven't called, Daddy.
How's school? Well, I'm learning lots.
I just Well, I've had some time off,|so I thought I'd visit the old homestead.
Well, things are tough,|but I'm so glad you're here.
You can come stay with Gail|and me and Naomi, of course.
- How's that for a plan?|- Oh, I'm glad I'm here too.
But there's no way on earth|I'm gonna rally around some narcissistic,|freaky old sexual degenerate just because|he happens to be my father.
And neither is Naomi.
So I have a slightly different plan.
I think Naomi should get the first|installment of her trust fund.
I mean, there's no reason|she should have to wait till she's 21.
And there's certainly no reason she should have to live with you|and Gail.
That's ridiculous.
Naomi is 16.
|She can't sign a lease.
But I can.
- Naomi and I are gonna live together.
|- Why should I agree to that? Two words.
Michelle Braverman.
Who's Michelle Braverman? She was my tennis pro when I was 16.
|Quite an attractive girl.
Ruddy, robust, very healthy.
|Wasn't she, Daddy? You give Naomi the money, and we'll play|the dutiful little daughters.
I'll have my business manager|send papers in the morning.
Hey, Jen, were you just saying that? I mean, do you|really wanna live together for real? Absolutely for real.
|"For real" for real.
Honey, I wouldn't abandon you|in your time of need.
Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in Bel Air,|Los Feliz, Malibu, Hollywood Hills? I mean, the world is our oyster,|baby sister.
- To oysters.
|- To oysters.
Oh, shoot.
Did you by any chance grab my math|homework off the dining room table? - You're the best.
|- That's what I keep telling you.
What's that? I have no idea.
Open it up.
Surprise, surprise.
They're throwing me a shower.
Just so we're clear I still think|you're making a huge mistake.
But you did stand by me|when I got those terrible highlights.
So if you're dead set on doing this, you're gonna need|your friends' support.
We're not gonna abandon you|during your time of need.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for the party.
|Oh, my God.
Well, to be fair, I'm footing the bill.
|Annie's just lending her house.
Just one sec.
Come here.
We're having the party at my house?|I thought we're having it at The Ivy.
Oh, we were.
But I also want Nobu sushi|and Sweet Lady Jane pastries.
- Catering means we can have it all.
|- Okay.
- Your dad's a pervert.
|- Oh, yeah? He's not my problem.
Oh, and well,|your mom's a soap opera actress.
What's the problem, Naomi? Very funny.
Now, if you don't mind,|I have some place to be.
Really? Because I don't.
- Do you, Plum?|- Nope.
I could stay here|for hours and hours.
- Hi.
|- Hi.
Pickup for Ryan.
- Hey there, English teacher.
|- Oh, what the? - I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
|- God.
- No, it's fine.
Okay? It's just|- It's bloodshot.
- It looks terrible.
I'm sorry.
|- I You're Naomi's sister, right? She never mentioned|you were so violent.
- Well, I'm a many-faceted woman.
|- Yeah.
Hey, just to be one the safe side, I think you should get checked out|by a doctor.
When I was living in Nice, I knew|this guy who took a cork to the eye, and, well, he ended up|having to have surgery.
- He nearly lost his eye.
|- Surgery? His face collapsed.
|I mean, he had done so much blow that, you know,|his face was as hollow as a piñata.
You know,|one errant champagne cork, and: The whole thing kind of imploded.
- It's a cautionary tale.
|- Don't do drugs.
Aim your|champagne bottles carefully.
- Ryan, your order's up.
|- Excuse me.
- So you were living in Nice, huh?|- Yeah.
- I love the Chagall Museum there.
|- Oh, you like Chagall? Yeah, and that museum Oh, the Musée du Message|Biblique Marc Chagall.
- It's my favorite.
|- Yeah.
I know the curator.
I've been studying Art History|in Paris.
- I thought you were at Yale.
|- Well, I've been doing a term abroad.
- Well, that's impressive.
|- Please.
I mean, not compared to you.
|You're a teacher.
- Do you absolutely love what you do?|- Yeah, I do, actually.
It's fun.
I mean, for now.
|I mean, I'm really more of a writer.
- Oh, you're a writer?|- Yeah.
- Have you been published?|- Not yet, but I've written a novel.
Oh, I'd love to read it.
I'd like that.
Maybe over dinner? I would enjoy having dinner with you.
- Great.
|- Great.
I mean,|you know what my motto is? Be careful when opening champagne.
Why the hell not?|How about tomorrow night? - Why the hell not?|- Okay.
How good is this? It's sick.
This place is adorable.
|I could seriously go berserk here.
Yeah, well let's do it.
|I mean, let's go berserk.
I'm gonna buy, like, 40 things.
We have to celebrate, right?|We found our dream house.
- Isn't that place perfect?|- Yes.
It's amazing.
|I mean, we have to get it.
The neighborhood is adorable.
|The stores can make a girl go berserk.
You have to try this on.
No way.
Trust me, Naomi.
I'm gonna|have to give you a makeover.
- No.
Not the dress.
|- What? Portia Ranson.
She's here.
The bitch from The Blendeds|who boxed in my car this morning.
Let me talk to her.
No, Jen.
Portia? Jen Clark.
Hi, I'm Naomi's sister.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Listen, I know that this lawsuit must|be very hard for you and your family.
I get that.
But I think you should know|that it's really hard on Naomi too.
So I propose we rise above our parents|and we treat each other with respect.
Your sister's a bitch and a slut.
That's a disgusting thing|to say, Portia.
I don't think you should be talking|about women that way.
And I really don't think|you should talk about Naomi like that.
Oh, yeah? And why not? Don't underestimate what I'll do|to protect my sister.
- How did it go?|- That girl's got a filthy mouth and a sneaky demeanor.
|I don't trust her.
Excuse me, miss? We may need to check your bag.
This is ridiculous.
I don't know how that got in there.
|This is some kind of mistake.
- I didn't|- Come with me.
No, this is ridiculous.
|Get your hands off of me.
I didn't This is so stupid.
I told you not to underestimate me.
You I mean, I knew I didn't trust that girl,|but shoplifter? Gosh, that's so sad.
You're awesome.
Oh, my God.
Attention, everyone.
The bride and mother-to-be|has arrived.
You look so beautiful.
Thank you for hosting.
|This is incredible.
- Hey, congrats.
|- You're here.
Oh, my God.
|How's your new school? It's pretty good.
Everyone's here.
|My family, my cousins.
- Hi, sweetie.
|- Aunt Nancy, hi.
Your mom couldn't get off work,|so I am here to represent.
So, listen, how you doing?|I've been really worried about you.
- Worried?|- Yeah.
Listen, honey,|you have taken on a really big job.
Probably the biggest there is.
I know you're up for it.
Oh, I think I'm gonna cry.
Hey, pace yourself.
|Save those tears for later.
All right, everyone,|it's time for the veil.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Really? All right, ladies.
|Let the games begin.
Tonight, I'm Leo Briganti.
|You're Spencer Corwin.
You're Art Cosgrove.
And you're Manuel Montoya.
I'm Mexican? Tonight you are.
Hey, Liam,|where'd you get these fake ID's, man? Who says they're fake? Adrianna's got her bridal shower.
For you,|welcome to your bachelor party.
We love it.
Close your mouth, Spencer.
- Hi.
|- Hey.
You don't drink.
Well, tonight I do.
Okay, Dixon.
Go, mama.
Walk it, walk it.
Walk it, walk it.
All right.
|Time for the judges to confer.
Adrianna is the winner.
That's so unfair|I mean, it's just all in good fun, isn't it? All right, and up next,|we have the blind baby-food taste test.
So Ade,|you'll be the first contestant.
- Wait on the patio and we'll set up.
|- Yeah, you got it.
- Yeah.
|- Yeah.
I didn't know women|could be that limber.
Well, you're not exactly the expert,|because you're a virgin.
- Dude.
|- I don't think Navid's a virgin, considering he's marrying the girl|he knocked up, right? Well, it isn't technically my kid.
Okay, come again? You're getting married, and you've never had sex with anyone,|including your pregnant fiancée? - When you put it like that|- Incoming.
College girls.
I told you|this bachelor party would rock.
Sorority sisters.
|Hey, this could be your chance.
- No, it's cool.
|- I'm just saying.
- Hey, could we sit down?|- I got a girlfriend.
When she acts like one.
Please have a seat.
|We'd be delighted.
- Right, Spencer?|- Sure, please.
- I have to tell you something.
|- Me? I'm pledging a sorority,|and my big sister is watching me.
So if you could act like I'm saying|something really dirty to you, I'd appreciate it.
I'm Isabel.
- I'm Spencer.
It's nice to meet you.
|- You too.
So, what's your major? - Adrianna?|- Mrs.
Shirazi? I'm sorry,|I know you're having a party, but I haven't slept in days,|and I had to talk to you.
You're making a terrible mistake.
A terrible, terrible mistake.
Please hear me.
You're not ready to raise a baby.
You're just a kid.
You're not ready|and Navid is not ready.
You're gonna ruin your lives, and the child's too.
All right, get back here, bride! - I should|- Sure.
But please don't make this mistake.
You know, it's like she got|It's like she's got this trump card.
You know, because she's bipolar|or something.
Not that I judge.
You know, not that I judge at all.
But it's like, you know, it's not fair.
It's like It's like, because you have something|wrong, like, I have to ask you to prom.
You know? Like, screw|your mental illness or whatever.
Not that prom has anything to do|with mental illness, or I can't believe|you're getting married, Spencer.
Like I said,|it's like she has this trump card.
Yeah, it's crazy, right? All right, Isabel, you're up.
Up for what? - No.
|- Do you wanna be a Pi Nu or what? Sometimes it would be cool.
|Sometimes it would be okay.
I need another drink.
What's up? Come on.
- All right.
|- Come on.
Strip, strip, strip.
Come on, baby.
Take it all off.
What are you waiting for? I wanna see everything.
What are you doing? Spencer.
Something I hope I'm too drunk|to remember tomorrow.
- Impressive.
|- It's all in the wrist.
I wish I could cook.
- But it seems like awfully hard work.
|- Yeah.
And, you know, why work when you can live off|your trust fund? Oh, you're preaching|to the choir, babe.
Oh, you're|a Jonathan Safran Foer fan? You know what?|Taste this really quick.
Have you read his stuff,|or, let me guess, - you hung out with him in Dubai?|- Okay, that was amazing.
And, no.
I didn't hang out|with Jonathan Safran Foer in Dubai.
I find Dubai revolting.
We hang out in Brooklyn.
Oh, you know what I'll do?|I'll send him your novel.
I mean, yeah, that would It's a good idea.
So when do I get to read it? My novel? Yeah.
Yeah, totally.
- Do you want another glass of wine?|- Oh, we kicked that bottle.
I'll open a new one.
I can't cook, but I am a genius|at opening red wine bottles.
Please welcome to the stage Taro|and his pal Bones.
- Thank you.
|- Yeah, it was my pleasure.
It's always fun|to discover hidden talents.
Hey, Spencer? I don't think you should get married.
- You don't?|- You're too young and too cute.
Isabel? I gotta go.
I'm coming.
Oh, don't forget this.
Hey, where the girls going? Whoa, easy does it, Manuel.
I just need|some more tequila.
Hey, I gotta go.
I really need to talk|to Adrianna right now.
Yeah, yeah, we can go.
|Let's just get the check.
No way.
I don't wanna go home.
I don't wanna see my girlfriend.
|L No, no.
You guys head back.
|I'll party with Manuel here.
Thanks for everything, guys.
|Appreciate it.
No worries.
|This party is on Leo Briganti.
This looks like a fun little box.
- Baby girl.
|- Look at it.
The groom is here.
- Can I talk to you?|- Yeah.
I want to make a toast|to the bride and groom.
Future mother and father.
It is no secret that I thought|this was a terrible idea, the whole marriage thing.
But recently,|I've been thinking a lot about family.
My sister Jen just flew in from Paris, and we're gonna live together|in the most amazing house.
And having a good family|is so important.
Adrianna, Navid, you two|aren't gonna be a couple anymore.
You're gonna be a family.
|That's huge.
So as much as I hate to say it, I have to admit I was wrong.
I was.
I believe in you two.
You'll make this work.
You'll make|a wonderful family together.
So, Ade, I better be your maid of honor, I will not wear yellow.
I love you.
I love you both.
- Cheers.
|- Cheers.
It's time for How Much Do You Know|About Your Bride? Come on.
Sit, sit, sit.
Let's go.
All right.
- You have the stuff, Annie?|- Yeah, I brought the questions.
- Ethan, hey.
|- Hey, you.
So we meet again|on the outskirts of a party.
True enough.
|I'm just here dropping off Navid.
Oh, right.
- Where's Dixon?|- Dixon is Well, Dixon is currently very drunk.
Dixon is? This is all my fault.
You okay? We just haven't been|getting along so well.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
It's like we are so far apart, so disconnected.
You wanna hear|my relationship theory? You know how they say|"no man is an island"? Well, I think, actually,|every man is an island.
Oh, yeah? And relationships are like bridges.
One guy builds one half|of the bridge.
And the other guy Gal, you know, builds the other half.
And they try to meet in the middle.
But sometimes, the islands are too far apart.
And it's sad, but it happens.
That's okay, because, sometimes it's just time to move on.
I don't know,|maybe I'm just talking nonsense.
No, you're not.
- I'm not?|- No.
You're right.
I haven't been doing my share.
Dixon has been making|all the compromises.
He's been building the bridge|all himself.
I gotta start doing my part|if this relationship's gonna work.
Thank you, Ethan.
No problem.
- It's pretty here.
|- Well, it's not Nice.
But it's nice.
Can I tell you something? I've had fun tonight.
A lot of fun.
Well, I'm glad.
Me too.
I should tell you something.
I'm scared.
I didn't write a novel.
- Well, you lied?|- L I do write.
I do.
It's just that calling myself a writer is like calling myself|a mountain climber because I've hiked up Runyon Canyon|a couple times.
Oh, okay.
But we're all liars, Ryan.
I mean, that's what being|a human being is all about.
Lying, we all do it.
All the time.
- Yeah?|- Okay, yeah.
So you lie? Tell me one thing you've lied about.
I'm not living off my trust fund.
In fact, I spent it all.
I blew through a million dollars|in two months.
All right, well,|you know, I'm an astronaut.
- Oh, really?|- Yeah.
No, I'm a cosmonaut.
And I'm actually the reincarnation|of Laika, the Russian space dog.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
I figured I would|before you saw me near a fire hydrant.
- Annie.
|- Liam, what are you doing here? Just returning your drunk brother.
Well, what is wrong with you? You got him drunk?|Dixon doesn't drink.
That's really nice, Liam.
Oh, Annie, why do you always think|the worst of me? Now, tell me how to get Dixon to his|room.
You can go back to your party.
Yeah, because I'm dying to get back|to a celebration of the fact that two deluded 16-year-olds|have decided to ruin their lives.
And I really don't need your help.
Come on.
Come here.
Try not to I'll just I'm just gonna help anyway.
I think I might've drunk|a little too much.
So, you told Naomi I asked you out.
Just like you knew I would.
Come on, Liam, don't play me.
You are so obviously just trying to destroy your relationship|with Naomi.
Yeah? Why? Well, either because A,|you're just not that into her and you're not man enough|to be honest about it, or B, you actually do like her and you're not man enough|to handle it.
- So that's your theory?|- Yeah.
Basically, my theory is, well,|you're not much of a man.
Hey, I've been looking|for you everywhere.
Ade, I I have to talk to you.
Okay? Well, okay, you know|how everyone keeps going on and on and on about the things|that we're gonna missing out on? You know, what life has to offer? Well, I kind of haven't been listening until tonight.
Well, we ended up going|to this burlesque club, and I started talking|to this sorority girl, and even she was telling me|that I shouldn't get married.
And I have to admit|I started thinking about it.
Dating other people.
All that searching.
All that looking.
I'm so lucky, Adrianna,|that I found you.
I promise I'm done.
I'm done looking.
I'm done.
Navid, we can't keep this baby.
What's that? Your mother came here tonight.
She yelled at me and she told me|we're making a huge mistake.
No, don't you listen to her.
- How dare she ruin your party?|- No, no, no, it's not because of her.
It's because of what I did afterwards.
I took drugs, Navid.
- But, Ade, what about the baby?|- I threw up.
After I realized what I did,|I made myself throw up.
- You were under tremendous stress.
|- Yeah, I was stressed and took drugs! That's not okay, Navid.
|That's not good.
I'm not ready|to raise this child.
Okay? L I'm not I'm really not ready.
I just got out of rehab|a few months ago.
I'm not ready.
- I know, but, Ade|- No, I'm not ready to raise this child.
I wish I wish I was.
I w I really, really wish I was.
But I'm not.
Thank you for helping me.
Yeah, yeah, no problem.
He'll sleep it off.
Hey, Annie, I was thinking|about those theories of yours, and I wanna offer up another theory.
Maybe I'm just curious about you.
- What do you mean, you're curious?|- Well, I don't know.
You throw a shower for something|you don't feel like celebrating.
You act like a good girl, but you're not.
You are a volcano.
- What?|- Yeah.
See, you're dormant now,|but there's stuff percolating.
This whole good-girl routine, the smile that you paste on your face,|it's just a mask.
And when you finally|can't take it anymore and you explode, it's gonna be fantastic.
Who doesn't wanna watch|a volcano explode, huh? Annie, where are you?|It's time for dessert.
No offense, but the baby cake,|it's a little macabre.
Hey, Annie.
- Hey.
|- What were you doing upstairs? Liam just dropped Dixon off.
And I'm sorry, Naomi,|but I do not like Liam.
I just don't.
Of course you don't.
Oh, I'm just playing it really tight.
I mean, it's tedious,|but I think it'll do the trick.
He'll come around.
Maybe I'll be the next one|to get married.
I mean Silver, hey.
How are you feeling? I shouldn't have eaten that worm.
Famous last words.
Would "you?" Would you like to go to the prom|with me? Really? Really.
Wait, hold on.
Are you gonna|remember this tomorrow? I'm not the one that's drunk.
A lot of this|should be easy to return.
I don't know if we should return things|or give the money back.
Some of these things I mean, what are we supposed to do|with handknit baby booties? We don't have to deal|with everything tonight.
Come here.
Hold me.
Are you okay? Sad.
I'm sad too.
We're not getting married, are we? Maybe some day.
- But not now.
|- Not right away.
Doesn't make sense, does it? No, it doesn't make sense.
- Do I have to give back my ring?|- What? No.
I had to sell my iPod for that ring.
Of course not, don't be silly.
You keep that ring on.
It can be like|an engagement-to-be-engaged ring.
It's okay.
You okay? I mean, think about it, we've been through all this.
Through everybody, their reactions, the whole storm, you know.
We didn't turn on each other.
No, we didn't.
So we're more than okay.
We're good.
We're really good.
I love you.
I love you.
- I have the most wretched hangover.
|- It's probably post-traumatic stress.
I can't believe you went out|with Mr.
- Oh, we got the house.
|- We got the house? - When did you find out?|- Yesterday.
I wanted to tell you right away, but, well, the money was supposed|to wired from my bank in Paris, but they used|the wrong routing number, apparently.
I mean, it's just It's so frustrating.
I wanted to sort it all out|before I told you about the house.
But now the bank is saying it might|take up to a week to sort out.
I just I don't know what to do.
I don't want you to have pay|with your money.
- I don't mind, seriously.
|- No, no way.
Jen, you have to|let me do this.
Okay? You've been amazing to me.
Please? Okay.
But I'm gonna pay you back.
- I'm the big sister.
|- You're the best big sister in the world.
Oh, you're so sweet.

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